Standing up to toxic fitness and beauty industries.

Work That is a new fitness project in London. Their mission is to teach people about the holistic approach to well-being. They go against “fast” fitness and unhealthy obsession with aesthetic standards.

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction and Art Direction

As the Brand Strategist, I was in charge of conducting the market analysis, undrstanding current customers, current business strategy to position the brand and develop marketing strategies for the brand. I have also developed Art and Creative Direction for the brand’s identity.

Overambitious millennials:
They feel like the regular fitness programs are not efficient enough for them. They understand the holistic approach to health and are looking for a place that would also do diet plans, yoga, mindfulness etc.

Gen X parents:
They have a very busy schedule and don’t have time for the trial and error method anymore. They want to outsource the worries about their health and have a flexible service available to them 24/7.
Business goals
→ To provide the motivation for prospective clients to book a consultation and attend a first class.
→ To make it easy to understand the benefits of their holistic service.
→ To spark an ongoing connection and to build a community.