Client: Mastercard
Creative Direction, Event Design

MasterCard’s Hackathon event.

Background information
More than 100 coders, designers and developers from around the UK took part in MasterCard’s Trip Hack – a three-day hackathon that is being run by London & Partners, with the backing of British Airways and Transport for London.

The hackathon, which took place at The Trampery in Shoreditch, saw the coders form teams of six to come up with new products and services that would help travellers of all types.

MasterCard, British Airways and TfL gave the teams access to each of their APIs, to allow them to create and build new technology.

I developed and proposed the concept designs to the executive teams and worked on the concepts for the physical event. I have produced the physical collateral for the event as well as the design system for their digital channels.

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