Graduate Entrepreneur Project CSM
Business Strategy, Brand Strategy, Experiential Design Research.

Experimenting with concepts for branded spaces across London.

Background information
FIVE was an outcome project of post-masters entrepreneurial program at CSM.  After my MA I was selected by the university to explore my ideas further. The program lasted 1 year after my graduation.

The idea was to invite multidisciplinary designers to create experimental branded experiences across London.

The project aimed to explore beyond visual and sound design. I wanted to experiment with spaces and social experiences to find new ways of  reinforcing and better communicating the brands story and values. 

→ I have conducted the business research.
→ Conducted the product discovery workshops.
→ Conducted the market research and proposed the target audiences.
→ Created the positioning strategy.
→ Created the content strategy, for every stage of the marketing funnel.

→ Created the positioning statements.
→ Art directed and designed the identity.

Available upon request.

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