Branding UK’s largest festival of Ai and Breakthrough Tech.

The aim of the festival in 2020 was to attract global experts in various fields to have honest conversations and impact the future generation of leaders.
Theme question, “How do we get the next 10 years right?” aimed to move the climate emergency conversation forward with concrete actions and to inspire current and future generations of leaders.
The 2020 festival had 44,000 visitors and 1,200 speakers.

Brand Strategy, Creative Direction and Art Direction

As the Brand Strategist, I was in charge of conducting the market analysis, undrstanding current customers, current business strategy to position the brand and develop marketing strategies for the brand. I have also developed Art and Creative Direction for the brand’s identity.

General Public:
The purpose of this festival was to bring the discussions about the impact of tech, tech policies and climate to the the general public. Hence we tried to strike the balance between branding for the closed tech community people and general public that doesn't know much about technology.
We tried to create a visual language that would help people understand how everything is interconnected and why we need to see the bigger picture today.
→ We have inherited the logo, colours and the typeface from the previous year. They could not be changed.
→ The Festival was divided into 18 Topics. Those topics became the foundation of the brand’s visual identity. We had to design icons to fit the style of the logo and to go along with the feeling of the Museo Sans Rounded.
→ The festival was originally supposed to be a physical event at King's Cross, but had to be turned into a virtual event in a span of 3 months because of the COVID-19.