Client: 5x15
Role: Digital ecosystem consultancy + Design

Extending the brand’s reach to spread important conversations.

Background information
5x15 is one of the UK's leading producers of public-facing spoken-word events. Founded by Rosie Boycott, Daisy Leitch and Eleanor O’Keeffe, 5x15 brings world leading figures to speak to audiences to spark ideas and inspiration.
Their visual brand identity has already been established when I started working with them. Their website has already been created and could not be changed, so the digital/marketing/social brand design system needed to be based on it. 

→ I have started by assessing and classifying their existing brand identity. 
→ I have conducted the competitor research and proposed the new digital identity.
→ I have proposed the changes to their social content strategy.
→ And created their digital marketing design system.

Target Audience
Their current followers.

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